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Argyll Technologies utilised Blockchain Platform to create greater value for all stack holders

Press Release

Argyll Technologies Group is a leader in the sports finance industry. It has in-depth research in sports science and sports finance. It not only developed the ADASA system with advanced technology, but also released the first cryptocurrency for sports finance - Vital Coin. Since the release of Vital Coin in early 2018, the price of Vital Coin has risen by more than US$20. As the market share continues to expand, it has gradually caught the eyes of the public. Sports finance companies and entertainment companies that are willing to cooperate with the group to use Vital Coin have also begun to negotiate deals.

It is reported that the group’s top management is currently engaged in close commercial negotiations in the US market and has plans to participate in more exhibition activities to increase brand awareness and confidence. In the just-concluded American Consumer Electronics Trade Fair, Argyll Technologies achieved good publicity results and it is expected that several partners will join the company in 2019. It is anticipated that Vital Coins will take Europe and the United States by storm. Although the cryptocurrency market has experienced numerous bull and bear runs in the past few months, all digital assets which include Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, have been hit hard. Due to the macro environment, Vital Coins also stood to the test. However, Argyll Technologies Group will never be discouraged and with the company’s strength, will stand firmly in the turbulent economic environment, facing problems bravely as continuous improvement is made to fight the storm. At present, good news has gradually emerged. In the past year, it has become increasingly clear in the blockchain industry that ICO regulations continue to get stricter, even though blockchain technology industry application policies are getting better. Argyll Technologies Group will look to stand out with its own value.

At the start of the year, Argyll Technologies Group was pleased to learn that it had been well-received after numerous meetings with an international blockchain platform. The group was informed by the said platform, their desire to work together which aims at integrating resources to jointly promote the application of financial and blockchain technology. This means that the huge user base of the platform will be shared by Argyll Technologies Group, which will contribute towards the development of the Vital Coins!

During the first strategic plenary meeting of the year which was attended by top management, Argyll Technologies Group planned the developments for the new year, set the target responsibilities, and aimed to unite the minds and strength of the company. Summarising the lessons learnt from the previous year, the company hopes to deploy its’ strategy for the year as it looks to achieve outstanding results.

Finally, the President of the group expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all the staff for their hard work and commitment over the past year. The President also reiterated the company’s vision as he vowed to establish a team with strong fighting power, to turn the company into a big family that is united and cooperated; the future of the group must flourish and thrive!