About Us

World Analytics may seem to be an odd name for a new publication but that is not the case considering our prime motive behind starting World Analytics is to analytical viewpoint of current news and events through telescopic as well as microscopic lenses.

Analysis is a major portion of everything we do on a daily basis and the same stands true for understanding of latest news and events around the world. We provide our readers with not only to the point coverage of latest news, we also make it a point to offer a new analytical perspective of each and every news.

World Analytics covers news and events in healthcare, science and technology, industries, business, finance and economy. Research coverage related to each of these fields is also an important aspect of what we do at World Analytics. The passion for reporting news isn’t rooted in earning advertising dollars, but to ensure that we provide true coverage of all the news and events through our alliance with major media networks, fact-checking services and university professors.

The founding team of World Analytics comprises members with journalistic and technical backgrounds. With business goals being a secondary aspect, we aim to deliver to the point coverage without the influence of any political or business organization.