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A resume with well-crafted cover letter is 5 times more likely to catch employer attention. A well written cover letter is the best way to stand out among the crowd.


Your resume provides the details such as employment history and education details but your cover letter makes you stand out among thousands of job applicants when you are applying for jobs. Your cover letter showcases your intentions, qualifications, and availability to the employer in a right format. It creates the first impression and indicates that you are serious about your job search.

Do you really need a cover letter?


Anybody can repeat a “canned” cover letter and seek after the best. Rather, take a couple of minutes to customize your letter by demonstrating that you are extremely genuine about working for the organizations you are reaching. Express the reason that you are keen on working for that specific organization. Deliver the cover letter to a particular individual or hiring manager.

Wisdom Jobs CEO Ajay Kolla says “Your cover letter is the first opportunity to introduce yourself and showcase your qualifications and employment history to the prospective employer. It demonstrates the hiring managers that you are a potential possibility for the publicized position.”

Personalize it to the company

Adding to further wisdom jobs career experts’ advice that take a few minutes to produce a customized cover letter for each job application. Customize your cover letter by stating that you are really serious about working for the companies. Make sure that you are addressing the cover letter to specific individuals wherever possible.

However, never include negative information about the previous employer and current work place. Highlight your strengths, achievements and career accomplishments in your cover letter to determine that you are the perfect match for the posted position. Express a quick reason in your cover later that why you are unique for the job position.


Why are you sending your resume and cover letter?

Wisdom jobs the best resume services provider added that, be clear that your cover letter should be up to the point. Add few points such as job title, why your experience and career outline. Make sure to mention in your cover letter that why you are right fit for the job position by listing out the relevant skills, and state accomplishments on your present or most recent jobs that will be impressive.

Adding to further, Cover letters ought to be clear and to the point. Incorporate the particular employment title, a few reasons why your experience makes a solid match, and a concise diagram of vocation features. Never include negative information in your cover letter such as conflicts with previous employers, pending litigation suits which may create negative impression.

Wisdom jobs resume writing experts believe that “Adopt a proactive strategy in your cover letter. Express the way that you are ready for the face to face interaction with hiring manger. Provide your home, work, email, as well as PDA numbers where you can be achieved, take note of that you will catch up by telephone to provide additional information if required.”


When should you include salary/relocation information?

You must include salary requirements, salary history only if the prospective employer requests. Otherwise you are not supposed to include any salary and relocation information in your resume.

Wisdom jobs CEO Ajay says that “A professionally composed cover letter and resume can open the ways to your next position on the company. Professionally written cover letters make you stand out in pre-interview process. A cover letter is framed to fine-tune your career objective, show case your experience, show off your education and skills and reflect your greatest strengths.”



A good cover letter helps you get noticed from among thousands of job applicants, thus enhance your chance of getting hired. Your cover letter shouldn’t just be a repetition of your resume. It is a document to showcase your personality, accomplishments, and skills that specifically apply to the position you apply for. Choose attention grabbing cover letters from the well-crafted collection from wisdom jobs.


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