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Every year thousands of graduates pass out with similar profiles, and therefore, you need to put in extra effort to stand out amongst them. Here is some advice for freshers on how to make the right moves, from creating a good resume to performing well in interviews

Post your profile on online job boards

While searching for a job as a fresher, build a profile on job boards to apply for the right jobs. Most online job boards including Wisdom jobs provide a list of jobs on different categories. Filter the suitable job listing and apply check it would be a good fit for your job or not. You can apply the advanced job search option to list out the jobs based on location, experience and job type etc.

Social and professional networking

Networking is important to get a job. Social media platforms like facebook, twitter and LinkedIn are important networking tools for among job seekers and employers. Make your profile by giving a professional look. List all information about educational background, current status and location etc. Connect all the employers and employees of your industry. Follow their posts and activities on social media networks. You can start sharing posting your career interests and feedback that may help you reach out prospective employer, Says Ajay Kolla, CEO of

Job fairs and career events

Ajay further adds, “Job fairs are a great place to meet the right people. Attending a job fair will give you the emerging trends of the market and get you face to face with a potential employer. In a job fair, recruiters meet hundreds of potential candidates each day. So create a card that contains your contact information, including links to your social and professional profile.”

Company career page

If you are looking for specific company openings then go to the website of that company and apply on career page or job section for current openings.

Summarize your profile

Wisdom Jobs career edge experts mention that a fresher resume should aim to project that you are more potential rather than an experienced and work history included professionals. Listing out academic projects and achievements projects that you have excellent knowledge in your domain and you are an active and fast learner and adds value to your position. A fresher resume need not to showcase how he/she is a good worker, but you should mention your projects and trainings if any under taken as part of their curriculum.

Highlight your course work

Besides explain more about the part of curriculum and which is most required skill set for the position you applied. Listing academic and achievements and awards received shows that how you are an active and fast learner and that should not stop you from mentioning training and projects undertaken by you.

Share relevant information

But be clear about the information which you want to share with recruiters. Your resume should clearly speak about your profile, qualification, skills and your career goals. “A fresher resume should project the information that, the candidate fits for all requirements matching with all vacancies they have. So, make a resume with all highlights of your academic and marketing skills that matches with the requirement, says Wisdom Jobs career edge experts.

Be clear and informative

Mention all details in an order that will land you in good profession and give an abstract of your profile with academic details you have. Don’t provide much information in the little space as that looks overloaded. Give more space for each section to make your resume more visible.

Proofread finally

On the other hand your resume should not give space for a recruiter in finding errors. If your resume contains any grammatical and spelling mistakes, then it gives the impression that the candidate is very careless and not serious about the job search.

Tailor Your CV

Find different types of CVs available on internet to impress the recruiters. Select 2-3 relevant CV formats to prepare your CV and take opinion of your networking as well. Next step is start customizing your CV according to each job application that you wish to apply for.

Build Your Personal Brand

Wisdom Jobs Founder and CEO Ajay Kolla says, “Social media plays an important role in how employers look at their potential candidates. In fact, employers now check the social profiles of the candidates to understand their personality better before deciding who they want to call for the interview.”

Therefore, keep your social profiles clean and make sure it offers a good impression to the employers. Participate in online events related to the field of your professional interest, write meaningful blogs on your LinkedIn profile, and share academic or professional accomplishments on your social profiles. Doing so will definitely help you attract more and more job interviews with prospective employers.

Follow Up Like a Pro

This is the oldest but most important tip for a fresher to apply for jobs. Being new to job application process and career search, you might feel uncomfortable following up with the employers again and again or lack the knowledge of doing so correctly altogether.

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