Ubuntu Media Is Committed to Help Sustainable Businesses Find More Clients Through Digital Marketing

Ubuntu Media, a sustainable and eco-friendly media agency founded by young entrepreneur Andres Durandeau Lalanne provides digital marketing services to social and environmentally conscious businesses.

(May 16 2019) – Sustainable business, which is often regarded as a green business, is a venture that has a measurable impact on the local as well as on the global environment, society, community, or economy. Sustainable businesses endeavor to meet the triple bottom line, which is, preserving the environment and conserving natural resources; developing social value, bolstering employee prosperity and advancing fair trade; and, boosting long-term profitability and advancing growth. This holistic perspective of doing business puts equal accentuation on the planet, people, and profit. The 1987 Brundtland Commission has defined ‘sustainability’ as that which addresses the needs of the present without trading off the capability of future generations to meet their own needs. However, these businesses are often overshadowed by corporate giants due to the lack of proper marketing. Ubuntu Media, a socially responsible Latin American (Chile) media organization is committed to help sustainable businesses grow through digital marketing and increase their client base.

Ubuntu Media was founded by a young entrepreneur Andres Durandeau Lalanne who is deeply passionate about sustainability with the intention of supporting social & environmental friendly projects. Rural small business owners have little to no understanding about the power of the internet or digital marketing in the growth of business and Andres started to promote these businesses for free to help them grow. He studied International Development at the prestigious Miami University, and he is a US Army veteran as well as a volunteer firefighter. Andres is strongly influenced by the traditional African Ubuntu philosophy which he aims to spread at the corporate world. Ubuntu is an African philosophy of humanity embodying all those ideals that maintain harmony and the spirit of sharing among the members of society. It suggests an appreciation of customary beliefs and a consistent awareness that a person’s activities today are a reflection on the past,and will have sweeping ramifications for the future. Andres visits enterprises occasionally to speak about the importance of taking care of employees as they constitute a family. He is a man with vision and integrity, whose soft skills and leadership qualities has fetched him 1st place in startups awards. He is committed to sustainability & social responsibility.

Andres’s notions of social entrepreneurship were rejected by banks and traditional investors in the beginning, however, his strong resilience and never give up attitude ultimately started paving a way towards success. At present, his vision has inspired thousands of people, as even professionals and sponsors eagerly contact him to be a part of his new sustainable and socially responsible Ubuntu brand for free of cost.

About Ubuntu Media:

Ubuntu Media is a socially responsible media organization based in Chile which helps sustainable businesses to grow their client base through digital marketing. It was founded by young entrepreneur Andres Durandeau Lalanne who is deeply passionate about sustainability.

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