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The worldwide market for Acetaldehyde will reach 1500 million US$ in 2024

The demand for pentaerythritol from various end-use applications including pesticide,     pharmaceutical,     resin,     paints & coatings has been increasing continuously. However,     the overall demand for acetaldehyde has witnessed a hindrance due to N-Butyraldehyde (used in the production of plasticizer alcohols),     which was earlier produced from acetaldehyde,     is now being generated from propylene.

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The report provides the major drivers that are responsible for the market growth as well as restraints that hamper the market. Moreover,             the report includes an analysis of the upcoming opportunities. This analysis of the dynamic factors in the market help market players to understand the major reasons behind the ups and down in the market.

The worldwide market for Acetaldehyde is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly -1.7% over the next five years,     will reach 1500 million US$ in 2024,     from 1660 million US$ in 2019,     according to a new GIR (Global Info Research) study.This report focuses on the Acetaldehyde in global market,     especially in North America,     Europe and Asia-Pacific,     South America,     Middle East and Africa. This report categorizes the market based on manufacturers,     regions,     type and application.

Top Leading Players In Market : Eastman Chemical Company,    Showa Denko K.K.,    Celanese Corporation,    Sumitomo Chemical Co.,     Ltd.,    LCY GROUP,    Jubilant,    SEKAB,    Laxmi Organic Industries Ltd,    Lonza,    Ashok Alco – chem Limited,    CNPC,    Sinopec,    Jinyimeng Group,    Shijiazhuang Xinyu Sanyang Industry,    Shandong Hongda,    Shandong Kunda Biotechnology,    Hubei Yihua,    China Overseas Pioneer Chemicals,    Yuntianhua,    Sanmu,    Nanjing Redsun

Market Segment

By Type,          covers Ethylene Type,   Ethanol Type

By Applications,        can be divided into Acetic acid,  Pentaerythritol,  Pyridines,  Acetate esters,  Others

By Region North America (United States,          Canada and Mexico),         Europe (Germany,          France,          UK,          Russia and Italy),         Asia-Pacific (China,          Japan,          Korea,          India and Southeast Asia),         South America (Brazil,          Argentina,          Colombia etc.),         Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia,          UAE,          Egypt,          Nigeria and South Africa)

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Scope of the Report:

First,     the global Acetaldehyde market is concentrated: Celanese,     Eastman,     Showa Denko,     CNPC and Sinopec are the leading players in this market. For example,     Celanese is the biggest supplier in Europe,     and Eastman is the only supplier in United States.


Second,     the global market for acetaldehyde has been in mature status for the past twenty years. Rigid decrease of Acetaldehyde capacity had been witnessed from 1990 to 2000,     but the market change became modest ever since. In recent years,     slight decrease of production has happened in Acetaldehyde industry,     as the reduction of Acetic acid produced by Acetaldehyde method. However,     for the coming years,     the Acetaldehyde market would be increase due to the rigid demand of downstream products like Pentaerythritol.


Third,     the most prevalent processes of Acetaldehyde Manufacturing are oxidation of Ethylene method and Ethyl Alcohol method (Oxidation and dehydrogenation). Ethylene method has been used for many years to produce Acetic acid. However,     Ethyl Alcohol method has been used increasingly,     especially in Europe and India. It is estimated that Ethyl Alcohol method would be the dominate process of Acetaldehyde in the future.


Fourth,     the import and export business of this industry is not frequent. Most products are digested in domestic market rather than export to other region,     since Acetaldehyde is a very toxic substance and might cause cancer even contacted for a short while.


Fifth,     Acetic acid facilities based on Acetaldehyde continue to operate in Asia and South America,     although these will eventually be phased out in favor of methanol carbonylation. Pyridine,     pentaerythritol,     and acetate esters are the most promising applications of Acetaldehyde industry.


Sixth,     this industry is affected by the economy and policy,     so it’s important to put an eye to economic indexes and leaders’ prefer. With the global economic recovery,     more and more people pay attention to rising environment standards,     especially in underdevelopment regions that have a large population and fast economic growth,     the need of Acetaldehyde will increase.


Seventh,     we tend to believe this industry now is close to mature,     and the consumption increasing degree will show a smooth curve. On product prices,     the slow downward trend in recent years will maintain in the future,     as competition intensifies,     prices gap between different brands will go narrowing. Similarly,     there will be fluctuation in gross margin.

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