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The “Psychic Readings of Portland” Center to launch a Pets and Animals Psychic Development Workshop

By Brad Barber
Jan. 9, 2019

Portland OR- The Psychic Readings of Portland Center, located in South West Portland, US, starting February 23, 2019, will start to offer a new series of courses for those who desire to learn all skills “TO BECOME A PET PSYCHIC ” and to develop your own gift to communicate with Animals or Pets or Give Psychic Readings to pets owners.

This will be a series of classes covering the basics around animals natural intuition and telepathy capabilities they use with other animals and humans, and the art, for humans or animal lovers, of understanding how to use it to communicate back to them.
In this classes, students will be provided effective and proven tools that enable them to develop and use their own innate psychic abilities; also to individualize one’s own method for animal psychic reading, that can be used professionally or for family pets. Such as: How to perform a basic psychic communication with pet, read pets’ energy and aura, without needing the intervention of a pet intuitive reader or psychic. The class series will also offer tools on how to heal physical or emotional blocks, that may e preventing a family animal from being at peace and totally happy, or that may cause the animal to be extremely stressed and anxious, as well healing of negative energy patterns between pets and owners, to improve totally well being for both, and for environment healing.
The owner of Psychic Readings of Portlant, says :”Animals own intuitive intelligence is constantly broadcasting signs of communication. Anybody was born with with an innate gift to be telepathic and have empathic qualities towards animals or even plants, this class will teach how to become aware of this capability, and cover the necessary teachings steps on how to tune into that psychic ability, open up to it and then practice it”

Classes will start at 3:30 pm and last about 2 hours, every other Saturday, for 4 weeks. Each student completing the class will receive a beautiful award certificate. More info & details about the workshop, will be given by
contacting the info at the bottom of this page. Each class has a value of $130
but for this time, the price will be $35

More About Psychic Readings of Portland
The Psychic Readings of Portland Center, has been engaged in the Psychic Healing practice for over 17 years, providing different kinds of spiritual, self-development and psychic courses, as well as psychic and medium readings services, such as Angel Readings, & Medium Readings, Medical Psychic Healing, and above all, affordable Psychic Readings or Past Life Readings, Past Life Regression, Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy, Law of Attraction Coaching, REIKI, Life Coaching.

The center was founded in 1999 in the United Kingdom, in London by British Clairvoyant Rebecca J. Rothery-White, Psychic Reader, Medium & Spiritual Healer, under the name of “White Psychic Readings”, and originally served as a psychic phenomena research and events center. During the following years few other practices were developed, such as psychic readings, services, medium readings, past life readings, past life regression, spiritual counseling, energy healing. The business was eventually transferred from London, to Santa Barbara CA, in 2001, when Rebecca R.W. moved permanently to the US. The practice was then renamed to “Santa Barbara Psychic Readings”. Eventually, after 2 years ownership was taken over by present owner who after relocating to the Portland area, changed the business’ name into “Psychic Readings of Portland”

The Psychic Center’s vision and mission is to continue to be able to offer top Psychic Readings, high quality Medium Readings, Past Life Readings & Regression, as well developing the Energy & Aura Reading & Healing Services such as REIKI, NLP, based on increased requests.

For more information, please visit

W Portland OR, 97223 – Office: (503) 298-6722 (Text/Call)