Silicone Enamel Market : Trends, Market Share, Industry Size, Growth, Opportunities And Forecast 2023

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Silicone enamel is a silicone resin finish paint based on a combination of silicone resin and pigments. Silicone enamel is mainly used to coat aluminized steel pipes. It has excellent heat resistance, adhesion to steel surface and weathering resistance. Silicones are widely used in the coating industries as materials to protect and preserve but mainly for aesthetics. In silicone enamel silicone polymers are used as additives and silicone resins as the main component, or binder.Paints for exterior surfaces are exposed to sunlight in wet, dry, hot and cold conditions. The combination of UV radiation, variable temperature and humidity rapidly degrades organic polymers, roughening the coating surface and exposing the pigments. Hence, solvent-borne alkyds and acrylics are blended with silicone resins to improve their weathering performance.

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Silicones enamel offers the decorative coating to improve the sustainability of products, and promise to deliver even greater performance in the near future. In the coatings market, silicone additives are well known for the surface properties they bring to the coatings formulator which includes slip, abrasion resistance, wetting, leveling and defoaming. These materials improve the sustainability of decorative coatings, for both architectural and wood coating applications. Improvements to increase the longevity of coatings and the ability to use fewer natural resources, such as titanium dioxide, are characteristics that Si-based materials can deliver.

Almost all fields of construction industry require application of silicone enamel in various forms. The building & construction industry is one of the largest markets in the world in terms of revenue generation. The key drivers for the global building & construction market are the growing world population and growing urbanization in the Asia Pacific region. The growth of the building & construction market is fueled due to urbanization and changing lifestyles in emerging economies such as China and India. The rising population and changing lifestyles of consumers are expected to drive the market.

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Thus, the growing world population coupled with the rise in the building & construction market is anticipated to drive the silicone enamel market in the coming years. The consumption of paints is significantly rising due to their growing demand from various end user segments. Silicone enamels are consumed in various applications such as residential buildings, skyscrapers, bridges, sidewalks, highways, houses and dams among others. In addition, growing urbanization trend is expected to drive the demand for silicone enamel. Silicone enamels are required in abundance by manufacturing and construction industries, which have witnessed exemplary growth in the recently industrialized economies of the BRIC nations.

Huge foreign investments into Brazil, Russia, India, and China have spurred the growth in infrastructure development in these countries. The growth of residential, non-residential and infrastructure development has been due to strong economic growth and population explosion in these parts of the world. The growth of the construction market has directly influenced the growth of the silicone enamel industry, which employs them in huge quantities. This trend is expected to continue over the foreseeable future as rapid urbanization is in progress. However, mature markets of the developed countries may hamper the demand for silicone enamel over the next few years.

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