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Savoury Biscuit Market by Major Players, Supply, Demand, Market Dynamic Forces & Forecast 2022

Press Release

Market Definition:

Savoury biscuits developed out of cracker and are thin, unsweetened and crispy wafer or biscuits prepared from unsweetened dough. Savoury biscuits are usually served with cheese or jam toppings and contains supplementary ingredients for inducing flavor or texture. The strategic adoption of companies for promoting their products cross promotional tactics such as celebrity endorsement their product and intelligent marketing through advertisement is also supporting the growth of savoury biscuit market. Hence, the savoury biscuit market is expected to grow at CAGR of 3%.

Market Scenario and Growth Factors:

Savoury Biscuit Market is driven due to rising globalization, increase in disposable income and demand for convenience food and sedentary lifestyle. Availability of different flavors and consumer oriented advertisement will continue to support the market in upcoming years. Low calories savoury are becoming popular due to increase in trend of weight control and weight loss. Working class population eat savoury biscuits during tea breaks thus adding to high demand. Consumers have huge demand for organic savoury biscuits due to concerns over added preservatives and other chemicals.

Savoury biscuit fortified with fiber are in high demand among health cognizant consumers. APAC is emerging market, key players have started to invest in this growing regions and also are investing in R&D for adding new regional flavors to attract different consumers across the globe.

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Key Vendors:

The prominent players profiled in the savoury biscuit market report are United Savoury Biscuit (U.K.), Parle (India), The East India Company (U.K.), Nestlé (Switzerland), CEEMEA (U.K.), Walkers Shortbread Ltd (U.K.) Britannia (India), Burton’s Foods Ltd. (U.K.), Lotus Bakeries NV (Belgium), Kellogg Co (U.S.) and others.

Industry Updates:

In November 2018, it has been announced by The Drinks Bakery, a leading snack company has secured financial support from BBC hit show Dragon Den’s Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones by presenting the range of Drinks Discuits, savoury biscuits that are produced to be served with specific drinks.


In June 2018, Unilever has announced that it is launching a range of savoury biscuits under the brand name of Mermite. These biscuits are considered to serve as an on-the-go breakfast option for the consumers.


In October 2018, Southern Synergy, a leading snack maker, has recalled multiple batches of its Arnott’s Shapes Originals line of savoury biscuits due to the presence of undeclared allergens. The products that were recalled are barbeque and pizza flavored savoury biscuits.

Industry Segments:

The Savoury Biscuit Market has been segmented on the basis of major Ingredient, type, savoury Ingredients, and regions so as to generate an accurate assessment of the market potential.

Major Ingredient – wheat oats, millets, corn, and mixed grain.

Type – crispbread, crackers, baked bites, crispbread and wafer biscuits.

Savoury Ingredients – sea salt, cheddar cheese and herbs and spices.

Regions – North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

Regional Analysis:

North American region led by the U.S. possess the largest market share owing to large packaged foods industry, large per capita income, growing awareness, sedentary lifestyles and others. North America is and Europe have large megastores chains such as Walmart and others which are benefiting the market Europe is led by Germany, France and the U.K. U.S., Netherlands, Germany, Thailand and China are the top 5 exporters of snacks. Europe also possess the largest traditional bakery market led by Switzerland, Germany, France, Poland, and others. Argentina, Mexico, Chile and other are expected to dominate the Latin American regions market. Thailand, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, U.K. and Italy are top 5 exporters of savoury biscuits.