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RapidzPay successfully participated in the Hong Kong Blockchain Week Conference

From March 4-8, the 2019 Hong Kong Blockchain Week Conference hosted by NexChange was held in Hong Kong, a world-renowned financial center. There were 3,000 participants at the conference as global blockchain experts gathered to discuss the current blockchain industry development challenges, prospects, innovation opportunities, blockchain application, as well as Hong Kong’s advantages as a financial center focusing on blockchain technology.

As known by many, Hong Kong is one of the three major financial centers in the world and a gateway to China. The government has always supported the blockchain compliance processes and led the development of policies and financial supervision frameworks. Hong Kong has a natural advantage of developing the blockchain industry due to its favourable location. Local financial elites have chosen to settle in the city as the future of Hong Kong is set to be a leader in the blockchain industry.

During the conference, several industry experts delivered informative speeches and shared their unique insights! Blockchain entrepreneurs are immensely interested in the current blockchain technology as it is convenient, safe, efficient, inability to be tampered with, great potential to bring changes to our society, and the current STO security developments. These positive aspects of blockchain technology were the main topics of in-depth discussions. At the same time, participants greatly benefitted from the conference as the industry experts shared their network of contacts!

With the proliferation of blockchain technology which is evolving into a new industry, the transformation of traditional industries due to blockchain technology is imperative and unstoppable even though the road ahead is uncertain! Innovative entrepreneurs and enthusiasts from all walks of life globally are committed to empowering this new technology as they look set to bring it into fruition.

RapidzPay as a pioneer in the blockchain industry, also took the lead in the blockchain week meeting. RAPIDZ issued by RapidzPay is supported by numerous merchants as a form of payment due to the various agreements the company has with merchants. The point-of-sales (POS) system developed by RapidzPay supports RAPIDZ and various cryptocurrencies, allowing consumers the convenience and options when they transact. This is a huge contribution to the digital payments sector!

At the conference, the senior executives of RapidzPay introduced numerous ways that RAPIDZ could be used to transact with. He pointed out that as long as merchants have signed a contract with the company, they can use the POS system specially developed by RapidzPay to carry out RAPIDZ transactions. When customers are transacting with merchants, they only need to scan a code using their mobile phones without having to move a large amount of cash, saving the hassle of cash transactions. The introduction has piqued the interest of numerous merchants and industry partners, paving a solid path for future cooperation!

Since the company’s establishment, RapidzPay has continuously ventured into the blockchain technology entrepreneurial finance market, actively participating in global blockchain-related activities. This has greatly enhanced the company’s popularity and has helped RapidzPay gain more cooperation from numerous entities. Growing and flourishing, RapidzPay will continue to thrive as we look towards a promising future ahead!