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Patient Engagement Solution Market: Latest Advancements & Market Outlook 2018 to 2026

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These solutions allow active participation of patient in management of their health due to increased understanding and knowledge about his/her health, which in effect also helps the better healthcare delivery by physician resulting into reduced cost and timing of treatment. This also helps physician to maintain patient base due to continuous engagement with patient.

Furthermore, it assists healthcare organizations to share important health information with patients, educate them about their health conditions, and track progress and outcomes outside the facility walls thereby facilitating chronic disease management, care transitions, and readmissions rate reductions. Moreover, PES provides important health alerts and self-management action plans to patients, their health providers, and family caregivers with the help of relevant personal health information. Click to read more on Patient Engagement Solution Market

Patient Engagement Solutions (PES) combines a patient’s knowledge, skills, ability, and willingness to manage own health with communications from health provider designed to promote positive behaviors. For instance, if patient is suffering from cardiovascular disease, patient engagement solution takes effort to remind patient about of why, when, how, and where they can get relevant care for CVD, which in turn allows patients to control disease and avoid adverse events.

Market Dynamics

Increasing old age population worldwide is expected to further fuel patient engagement solutions market growth. According to the population Prospect report by United Nations in 2017, an estimated 962 million people were of age 60 or above, which accounted for 13% of the global population. By 2030, number of old people in the world is projected to be 1.4 billion, growing at annual rate of 3%. Various complications associated with old age can be better managed with PES.

Patient engagement solutions market is expected to witness upward growth during forecast period due to rising prevalence of chronic disease worldwide. Chronic disease such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, asthma (chronic lung disease) results into significant deaths each year. According to World Health Organization data (WHO) in 2017, around 40 million people die annually due to chronic disease, which accounts for 70% of all deaths worldwide.

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Patient Engagement Solution Market-Regional Insights

Increasing number of patients with chronic disease is another driver for market growth. According to National Cancer Institute, around 1,735,350 new cases of cancer would be diagnosed in the U.S. in 2018, and cancer is expected to cause around 609,640 death in same year. Increased hospital readmission is cause of concern in the U.S. as there is penalty provision due to hospital readmissions if they occur within certain time frame under ACA, 2009.

Patient Engagement Solution Market-Competitive Landscape

Some of the key players operating in the population health management system include Allscripts, Inc., Cerner Corporation, Conifer Health Solutions, Healthagen, LLC, Orion Health, Athena Health, OptumHealth, Epic Corporation, Inc., Philips Wellcentive, eClinicalWorks, Change Healthcare, Verscend Technologies, Inc., IBM Watson Health, Caradigm and Care Evolution.

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