MiniTool Power Data Recovery v8.6 is Worldwide Available

Press Release

MiniTool Solution, an industry leader in data recovery solutions, has announced MiniTool Power Data Recovery v8.6, the latest version of its popular recovery software. The new version delivers features crafted to further improve the reliability and application of efficiently recovered data. 

Focused on the reliable recovery of data, MiniTool has enhanced its MiniTool Power Data Recovery v8.6 to bring a diverse set of benefits to users, including:

  • Add French/Italian/Korean.
  • Add instructions to guide users through complex data recovery situations.
  • Enhance data recovery efficiency and raise data recovery accuracy.
  • Bug fix for fails to display the video dimensions.
  • Bug fix for fails to load the .rss file copied from another computer.
  • Bug fix for hangs when previewing big BMP files.
  • Bug fix for reports errors when there is virtual floppy drive in the virtual machine.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery v8.6 delivers an industry-leading data recovery solution that can be deployed in different data recovery scenarios. Going well beyond just being a recovery solution, MiniTool Power Data Recovery also offers a perfect solution to create bootable media based on WinPE, which provides better compatibility with a computer’s hardware. MiniTool Power Data Recovery offers high availability and disaster recovery – with support of files recovering from multiple devices, the ability to preview files, and support for over 70 files types.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery v8.6 is worldwide available now at