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What trends are driving growth in the medical equipment sector? What role will demographics play in this growth and how will it affect product design and marketing? What role will technologies like robotics, 5G Ethernet, mobile health (mHealth), or artificial intelligence play in the growth of the medical equipment sector?

Who are the major connector suppliers to the medical equipment sector and what types of connector products are they supplying? Who are the major medical equipment manufacturers? What role do government regulations play in the design, marketing, and sale of medical equipment? How do regulations affect export and import demands?
How important are design features such as low insertion force, non-magnetic materials, polarization capabilities, and the ability to handle a variety of contact types, including power, signal, fiber, and fluid?

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Medical Electronics Market for Connectors analyzes the many aspects involved in the design, development, approval, and marketing of connectors used in the medical market. Tables are included detailing medical connector market sales by region, by medical equipment sub-sector, and by connector product type for the years 2015 through 2021, including a five-year CAGR. A market sector where failure can literally be the difference between life and death, the medical market for connectors may offer designers and manufactures numerous challenges, but the rewards will generally outweigh the challenges.

Medical Electronics Market for Connectors
Focusing on connectors used in the medical electronics sector, Bishop and Associates Inc. is pleased to announce the release of their newest research report, Medical Electronics Market for Connectors. This 12-chapter, 306-page report examines electronic connectors and cable assemblies used in the medical sector and the equipment these connectors and assemblies are found on. Also examined are the market trends, regulations and requirements to be successful as an equipment manufacturer and supplier.

A market sector where failure can literally mean the difference between life and death, this report analyzes electronic packaging characteristics unique to the medical market and the types of connectors and cable assemblies that are needed to succeed in the medical space.

OEM equipment interconnect needs are analyzed. The connector requirements are shown for major imaging equipment like CT, MRI, x-ray, and ultrasound equipment. Requirements for monitoring equipment and cabling is also examined, including opportunities for disposable sensor cable assemblies. Special attention is given to the environment where medical connectors are used, including cleaning and sterilization processes and techniques used to successfully survive.

We also look at connectors, cables, and instruments used inside the body, either temporarily during surgery or exams, or long term in implanted devices.

The report discusses the unique materials, manufacturing processes, and interconnect designs that optimize connectors and cables for medical applications. Included is a comprehensive overview of over 25 suppliers of medical connectors and assemblies, examining the strategies of these suppliers, including their approach to the market, acquisition strategies, and overall direction in the medical market. These connector suppliers include not only industry giants, but also niche suppliers, whose core innovations and technologies have enabled them to succeed.

Overall medical market drivers and trends are discussed and sales and forecast numbers by region, sub-sector, and product type are provided.

Health care spending varies widely around the world. We look at how this spending compares to population (spending per person) and to GDP for the country. This reveals markets that can be expected to see above-average growth over coming years and suggests strategies for how to take advantage of these fundamental changes

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