Maternity Bra Market is Growing Due to Increasing Popularity of Online Channels

A maternity bra is a customized brassiere that is used by pregnant or lactating women and enables comfortable breastfeeding without removing the bra. The customized bra cups include flaps which can be opened with one hand. Maternity bra is also called nursing bra or feeding bra.

The global maternity bra market is driven by several factors. These include new developing markets, achieving growth via online retailing, brand positioning, and targeting the rising ambitious consumer sector which is projected to drive the demand for maternity bra throughout the forecast period. Additionally, the increasing popularity of online channels is expected to have a positive impact on the development of the maternity bra market.

Also, there is rising consumer consciousness about the significance of using the correct type of maternity bra according to body size and need. However, fitness issues such as breathing problems and chest pain, which might predispose mothers to choke, and blocked mastitis and ducts, are estimated to restrain the maternity bra market. Rising penetration of emerging players in the market offers an opportunity to drive the maternity bra market during the forecast period.

The global maternity bra market has been bifurcated in terms of product type, material type, end user, distribution channel, and region. According to product type, the market has been segregated into wireless maternity bras and underwire maternity bras. Based on material type, the market can be segregated into cotton, spandex, rayon, and others. In terms of end user, the maternity bra market is divided into lactating women and pregnant women.

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In terms of distribution channel, the market is segmented into offline distribution channel and online distribution channel. Online distribution channel includes e-tailer websites and company websites. Offline distribution channel consists of retail stores, specialty stores, supermarkets, and direct selling. The maternity bra market is dominated by offline channels; however, online the channel is expected to change the current purchasing scenario during the forecast period.