Lighting Control System Market – Modernization and Infrastructure Development Advances Growth

Press Release

Lighting control systems is a technology which provides high energy efficiency and better control by reducing the power consumption in lighting applications. It is an intellectual system based electronic system with a capability to control or regulate the level, pattern or quality of lighting as per the user requisite. Moreover, lighting control system enables consumers to control the luminance intensities of lighting as per ambiance, infrastructure, intensity of daylight, and others such as physical presence and occupancy.

The rapid developments and proliferation of technologies especially in internet of things (IoT applications) are leading to the large number of products for home automation. In addition, lighting control system vendors are developing advance solutions to enhance their offerings to attain high quality customer experience.

The growing technological and infrastructural developments, and penetration of advance solutions across the world especially, in emerging economies, are offering prominent opportunities for lighting control system solutions.

The global lighting control system market is witnessing growth owing to the factors such as high growing adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) in lighting industry, modernization and infrastructure development and increase in need for energy-efficient lighting control and management systems. Apart from this, acceptance of standard rules for lighting control is also a major factor which is anticipated to drive the demand for lighting control system in forthcoming years.

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However, high initial cost of lighting systems is a major challenge in the large-scale adoption of lighting control systems. The residential sector might see less implementation of lighting control system due to the high deployment cost associated with it. Besides this, privacy and security concerns in IoT-based lighting systems and lack of awareness about payback periods are also the major factors which anticipated to hinder the growth of this market.

Development of wireless communication technologies and rise of the smart cities revolution are the major factors which is expected to create huge opportunities for the global lighting control system market. Furthermore, the usage of wireless technologies such as ZigBee, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth are also fueling the growth of this market. However, limited standardized regulatory policies in the energy sector is one of the major challenge for this market.