Latest About CCleaner in Microsoft Forums Ban

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It was not more than 24 hours before the leaked news on “Microsoft bans CCleaner from its support forums”, now site HTNovo just released another update post about CCleaner in Microsoft Forums, the former original post was removed for yet unknown reason.

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Clarifications on incorrect leaked news about the use of tools belonging to the domain.

CCleaner is not in any Microsoft Blacklist and there are no Blacklists regarding other domains in the official Microsoft forums . Publication

errors have led to the dissemination of misinterpreted announcements that do not correspond to the reality of the facts .

In the Microsoft Community, starting with Windows 8 and continuing with all versions of Windows 10, we tend to advise against the use of third-party tools for optimizing and maintaining the operating system , as users may not be able to manage, after a few indications that occur at a distance, the different settings present in the Settings of the instruments themselves; indications that may not be received correctly by the reader of the writings in the forum , with the possibility of setting and using incorrectly the different options of the different tools and the risk, therefore, of obtaining results that are different from those desired.

In the official Microsoft forums it is not possible to establish with certainty the real preparation and the actual capabilities of the users who ask for support, so we tend, from always, to recommend only actions attributable to the original Settings of the Operating System and to the official Microsoft writings.

No confidential treatment of the tools in the domain  by Microsoft and official forum workers, but the considerations made apply to the Microsoft Community for all registry cleaners and all non-Microsoft tools for optimizing the operating system .

CCleaner continues to be downloaded and used in Windows like any other third-party tool that can be installed in Microsoft software, with indications for optimal and aware use that can be recovered in the respective official sites and specific support forums.