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Jubilee Ace’s State-of-the-Art Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Technology Demonstrated “Live” in Bangkok, Thailand

Press Release

On April 19th, Jubilee Ace held a “live” demonstration in Bangkok, Thailand to introduce the company’s state-of-the-art cryptocurrency arbitrage technology to invited guests. During the event, the chief technology officer of the company and the senior members of the company delivered speeches to numerous guests who attended the event. This included members, government representatives and the media as there was plenty of discussion and interaction on-site. The atmosphere was warm, and the arbitrage technology were well received which further enhanced the company growing reputation as the defecto leader in the cryptocurrency arbitrage technology.

Jubilee Ace is a high-tech investment data company which provides a platform tailored for the sports financial market. This platform improves and perfects data processing with monetisation as the main aim. Through high-tech in-depth analysis and superb market decision-making, it generates risk free profits from sports arbitrage. In addition to sports arbitrage projects, the company has been diligently developing applications such as a crude oil arbitrage system, ICATS and a cryptocurrency system, CAAS. These two powerful systems have greatly expanded the business scope, enabling the company to provide better, safer and convenient services. The members using our foreign exchange system had earned huge profits, expediting the development of Jubilee Ace to become a leading foreign exchange trading company.

During the “live” demonstration, strategist from the company did a live demonstration using the cryptocurrency hedging software. The strategist managed to make a decent profit for the members in a very short period of time. Participants witnessed the power of the arbitrage technology and were amazed at it, reinforcing their belief in the power and strength of Jubilee Ace.

The company is actively involved in arbitrage technology applications. The company’s database management system provides a strong support for the cryptocurrency, sports and crude oil industries with its excellent features which provides unparalleled, secure data access performance with rich trading functions and flexible expansion capabilities!

In recent months, in line with the theme of “Demonstration of the power of arbitrage”, Jubilee Ace Technology has been organising demonstrations around the world. At present, the venues for exhibitions in Japan has been prepared. Subsequently, exhibitions will be held in Taiwan, China, Thailand and Vietnam. By demonstrating the company’s superior arbitrage technology, Jubilee Ace has shown its strong vitality and confidently demonstrated the company’s unparalleled strength. This has greatly inspired our partners as Jubilee Ace will be known for our strengths and achievements in the industry!