Growth in the Meat Tenderizing Agents Market Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast Upto 2028

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Meat Tenderizing Agents Market Outlook

There is an increase in consumption of meat and meat product all around the globe. Meat tenderizing is an important process in meat processing and is an indicator of meat quality. Tenderizing is the process which softens the meat and reducing its toughness by breaking the meat collagen. Tenderness determines the quality by easiness of chewing making the meat more paltable. The meat tenderness depends on factors like the amount of fat and connective tissue and meat grain. Meat tenderness can be increased by using number of mechanical and chemical techniques however using various enzymes and acids is preferred. Commercially enzymes are used on larger scale as meat tenderizing agents while some acids are used on a smaller scale. Enzymes work by breaking down the meat muscule fibers and the collagen thus making meat more tender, softer and easier to eat. Papain extraced from papaya plant and bromelian extracted from pineapple are two most popular meat tenderizing agents used in the global market. An enzyme called, Actinidin which is extracted from kiwifruit is emerging as a good meat tendering agent. With the increasing demand for meat as well as processed meat products, the meat tenderizing agents market is expected to increase in a positive manner during the forecast period.

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Growing Demands for Meat Tenderizing Agents due to Versatile Properties in the Multiple Application

The increasing demand for meat and meat products with rapid rise in the global population has boosted the demand for meat tenderizing agents. The increasing in demand for processed and frozen meat products across the global is the key driving factor for the global meat tendering agents market. The secondary factors like increasing disposable income of consumers in developing countries, change in consumption habits especially of working population and rapid urbanization are supporting the meat tenderizing agents markets. The increasing number of consumers prefering the consumption of natural protein rich food like meat is another driving factor. Papain extrated from papaya and bromelain extrated from pineapple are two popular meat tenderizing agents. Papain is commercially prefered as it is more thermostable. Proteases is an important group of meat tenderizing agents consisting of various protein degrading enzymes. Wines or Vinegar are used as meat tenderizing agents in order to marnade the meat as well as add some flavor. With incresing demand and number of drivers, the global meat tenderizing agents market is expected to increase during forecast period.

Global Meat Tenderizing Agents: Market Segmentation

On the basis of meat tenderizing agents, the global Meat Tenderizing agents market has been segmented as-

  • Papain
  • Bromelian
  • Proteases
  • Acids
  • Others

Global Meat Tenderizing Agents Market Key Players

The Global meat tenderizing agents market is competitive and growing rapidly. Some of the key players of Global meat tenderizing agents are Enzybel Group, AB Enzymes, Amano Enzyme Inc., Speciality Enzymes and Biotechnologies Co., Enzyme Bioscience Pvt. Ltd., Enzyme Solutions, National Enzyme Company, Enzyme Development Corporation. More companies are taking interest to invest in meat tenderizing agents market.

Opportunities for Market Players

The Meat Tenderizing Agents market is growing with rising demand and thus the manufacturers are searching for the opportunities in the competitive market. The manufacturers are trying to increase their market share by various market penetration strategies and enhancing their strengths. The key manufacturers are investing more in research and development in order to develop new and better products and increase their share in meat tenderizing agents market.

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Global Meat Tenderizing Agents Market: Regional Outlook

The global meat tenderizing agents market can be segmented into North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Rest of the World (RoW). North America is currently dominating the meat tenderizing agents market and it is expected to dominate the meat tenderizing agents market during the forecast period due to the factors like increasing demand for processed meat and rise in disposable income of consumers. Europe follows the North America in dominating the meat tenderizing agents market and is expected to show a steady growth during the forecast period. Asia Pacific region is expected to be the most rapidly growing region in meat tenderizing agents market. The rising number of meat processing industries due to increasing demand from India and China for meat as well as processed meat products is driving the meat tenderizing agents market in the Asia Pacific region.

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