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Gainsky Investment is honoured to be invited to the 2019 LendIt Fintech USA Summit

Press Release

LendIt Fintech 2019 USA Summit was successfully held in San Francisco from 8-9th April. This fintech summit is the world’s leading financial services and innovation summit. The organiser of the event Randy LendIt, built a platform for communication, learning and outreach for leading financial industries and leaders globally. LendIt has organised 15 events worldwide to date. With the theme of “Integration, Innovation and Challenge”, the summit discussed numerous hot topics such as “New Trends in Fintech Security”, “Technology Drives Financial Innovation”, and “Digital Finance and Development of Technology Integration”. The summit has created numerous discussions and has helped to strengthen cooperation in the industry.

During the summit, financial regulators, fintech companies, Chinese and foreign banks, fintech service institutions, private equity funds and other corporate leaders, experts as well as scholars attended the event. The Lendlt Fintech Summit which has a big following has seen more than 5,000 industry leaders attend the summit since 2013. The guests who participated in the summit have since achieved outstanding results in the financial field.

During the summit, a group of fintech companies that made outstanding contributions to the innovation of financial technology received recognition for their efforts and hard work. It is a great honour for Gainsky Investment to have been invited to participate in this extraordinary fintech summit and won the title of “Best Financial Technology Innovation Enterprise”, which was awarded and commended by the conference. This is a positive outcome for the company, as it shows that the Gainsky Investment has a growing reputation in the industry.

Gainsky Investment is a financial services technology company dedicated to creating a viable, profitable and sustainable new product and trading platform for the financial services and cryptocurrency industries.

The unique aspect of the financial transaction model of Gainsky Investment is the shared transaction program. What makes this encrypted foreign exchange trading platform a cut above the rest is that it seeks to combine the liquidity and trading volume of the foreign exchange market. This aims to make full use of the potential and convenience of cryptocurrencies by mimicking a sharing economy, so that even novices can invest with relative ease. A novice investor with no trading experience can mimic the trades made by a professional trading expert with many years of experience. The novice investor can then arbitrarily choose the amount to invest and “follow” the expert traders. Even a novice investor with no trading experience can obtain expert-level transaction returns.

The summit was held successfully as many investment institutions and industry experts debated on the value of technology and strength of capital. The overall view is consistent which points to the experts having confidence in the growth potential of the financial technology industry. Additionally, To B’s data intelligence technology output will look set to be a huge market for financial technology companies.

As a company with rich wealth management experience and strong financial technology, Gainsky Investment also conducts in-depth and continuous exploration on how to integrate traditional financial concepts with its own blockchain technology, data modeling level and traffic matching. Gainsky Investment will look to continuously work hard as the company strives to always be the best.