Display Packaging Market – Report Highlights The Competitive Scenario With Impact Of Drivers And Challenges 2025

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The quality of the product is not the only factor to drive its sales in the competitive retail space. Various attributes and differentiating factors of the product need to be recognized by the target consumers to succeed in the market. Display packaging is one of the most effective ways of marketing the product in the retail stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets. Various industries such as food & beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and multiple others incorporate the display packaging by offering the display packaging to the stores where a large number of consumers visit more often. As display packaging is a highly efficient way of marketing small-sized products, the market for display packaging seems to account for a significant volume globally.

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The small sized products are more likely to lose the attention of consumers in substantial supermarkets and hypermarkets where millions of other products are kept side by side. The display packaging which markets the product with attractive and large images, related to the product are more likely to attract people, as well as provide a surface to highlight the small products. Other than this, the primary driving factor of the display packaging is that the display packaging markets the product just at the time when a person is out for some shopping.

Unlike other marketing techniques such as advertisements in television or magazine, the display packaging holds some amount of the product which can be picked up by the customer just at the time when the customer gets to know about the product through the display packaging. The producers of small sized products from various industries provide the display packaging with large orders placed for no extra money. This benefits both, the producer as well as the retailer, as the display packaging markets the brand of the producer, while retailer saves in furniture for storing the product. The advantages of the display packaging discussed above play a crucial role in driving the market.

The regional market for display packaging is dependent on the number of supermarkets, hypermarkets and large retail stores, where the display packaging is incorporated. North America and Western Europe are the regions with a large number of supermarkets. Due to high income per capita and high GDP in these regions, a significant portion of the population is expected to visit the supermarkets rather than shopping at small stores. In the developing countries of Asia Pacific, such as India, China, Indonesia, Thailand and others, the high pace of globalization has resulted in a large number of supermarkets and hypermarkets which are operating successfully.

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