Analytical Research Paper: Writing Tips from Experts

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Let’s imagine a situation that you need to write an analytical research paper. You are not a writer, you are not an expert. If it is not only imagination but your real task, these tips are for you. The first thought might be ‘I want to find someone to write my research paper instead of me’, and this idea is good and perspective. You will get there and have a good score but will not gain experience. Of course, it is a viable choice, but if you want to try doing it on your own, here are some tips from experts that will be helpful for you.

#1. Choose a Topic You Are Fond Of and Present It to Your Professor

If it is possible to choose a topic, do it immediately. It is often easier to write about the things and processes you care, and you read before. Good news is that you can use this research paper for the future thesis so an interesting topic is necessary for successful writing. Even if you get assigned with the topic, you can still change it in most of the cases, just be persuasive and offer good options.

#2. Choose Only Reliable Sources

You will use the Internet for the main research. There are so many links with foolish and untested information that might lead to a problem with the quality of your writing. Be careful and spend more time to decide the best sources for you. If you are not sure one or another source  is appropriate – consult your professor.

#3. Make Notes for Every Idea

It is very easy to forget something while searching. Use the simple method of making notes with your thoughts and creative ideas, and save links to the papers, books, or essays you will use for your analytical writing. The main problem, if you don’t do this, is that you will spend a lot of time to recall where you saw this statement. It is possible that you will not find it and won’t be able to use it as a result.

#4. Find Out the Structure and Writing Limits Before Writing

This tip is very important because if you do not follow writing rules, it is possible that your mentor will not accept your work at all, and you will need to rewrite it according to all requirements and necessary sections. It is better to spend several hours reading and noting requirements, than to rewrite the whole paper.

#5. Make a Plan and Schedule or Research and Writing

The plan is good for every sphere of life. Planning is about declining of stress and rising productivity – both are good for your educational success. Talking about analytical research paper, it is important to feel safe and not to start writing in a day before the deadline. It is possible that from the first time, you will need the help of professionals but believe it’s worth it.

#6. Proofread Meticulously

Don’t be afraid to use proofreading. If there is a lot of adjustments after the proofreading, it is good news, even perfect news. It means that your proofreader did his job attentively or your chosen software truly works. The main thought is that if you are not a writer, it is obvious to give your text to professional. Even writers do it all the time with every book or article. When you have a toothache you visit a dentist. If you want to make your writing perfect, you go to an expert.


There are more tips but for a start try to use all the above. Even using a few of them will be helpful. For the first time, it will be hard and time-consuming, but later, using this small list, your research paper writing skills will strengthen.